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The Basics of SEO for our Melbourne SEO Clients

Hiring an SEO company is becoming more and more difficult. There are two types of expert – those that prefer to provide honest, effective results to their clients and the ones that enjoy nothing more than cutting corners in favour of quick payments. If you’re currently searching the market and comparing your options, you’ll undoubtedly be a little hesitant to sign up to a service that may end up being one of these unsavoury practitioners. What can you do to minimise these risks? Right now, you may be considering the position of your company from an online perspective. You might even be toying with the idea of trialling a service, just to see how their strategies and techniques compare with your expectations. This is possibly the worst mistake that a business owner can make – as these are exactly the types of terms that unsavoury providers look to exploit. Before signing on the dotted line, or at least before employing the services of a local SEO company, you should always get to know a little bit more about what they can offer to your business. Search online These days, it’s hard to conceal information online and if an agency has a bad reputation, you shouldn’t struggle to find information on them. Feedback and customer reviews are a great place to start, but if these look a little predictable and biased, turn to third party platforms where reviews can’t be tampered with. Compare prices The next thing to do is compare prices that are listed on a potential services’ website, or get in touch with them for a quote. If a price seems too good to be true, then it might well be. Unorthodox ‘experts’ will often try to entice you with cheap services, so if you’re promised world-class results for a few hundred dollars, say no and walk away. Ask for a consultation Most experts will be more than happy to consult with their potential clients. This phase can be done via the phone or email – and the latter is preferred to ensure that all agreements are in writing. If you are greeted by a polite, friendly individual then you will already be off to a great start. If they seem reluctant or unwilling to help, don’t spend any more time on them than you have to. Request a demonstration of results A reliable expert should be able to provide details, or at least screenshots, of their current clients and how well they are ranking. Although it would be unfair to ask techniques, this isn’t to say that a good practitioner won’t be able to offer information relating to timeframes and other important factors. The more information that you learn about where your site could be and when, the better. Once you’ve found at least one expert that can meet all of the aforementioned points, the final step will be to narrow down your decision. You can do this by comparing costs, or by getting to know the experts in a little more detail. When you find one that can guarantee to take care of your needs, it may be worth taking their services on, as you will undoubtedly be able to sit back and enjoy the rewards of a website that climbs the ranks and experiences an increased amount of traffic.